Q: What is the Allpoint™ Network?

A: Allpoint is a national network of 55,000 ATMs through which customers of financial institutions participating in Allpoint™ can get surcharge-free access to their accounts.

Q: What is an ATM surcharge fee?

A: Commonly referred to as a surcharge (also known as a convenience fee), this is the fee the owner of the ATM machine assesses to all “foreign” cardholders (i.e., someone that is not a customer of the institution owning the ATM). Surcharges at most ATMs are typically between $1.50 and $2.50.

ATM Locater

Q: How does your ATM locator work

A: It’s easy! Simply type in your zip code or city/state and the locator will list the address of all Allpoint™ ATMs within 10 miles of the desired location (up to a maximum of 30 locations).

Q: How often is the location data on your web site updated?

A: The ATM data used in the Allpoint™ locator is updated every two weeks to reflect any changes to our network locations.

To learn more, please contact Allpoint™ at: 800.809.0308 or

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